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"Having The Best Time With Your Cute Buddies"


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What's Our Customer Think About DugCandy?

It's great that it does the 3 modes . I haven't had to use the shock on her. When I beep she knows I want her attention. With the vibration she knows she's doing something I disapprove of and stops Right away , because of this collar I've been able to enjoy my puppy a lot more and do more things with her. When I use to take her outside she would bark none stop making have to bring her back in , now I can beep then vibrate and she stops right away. I would definitely recommend the collar to anyone feeling lost with their puppy it's really a wonderful training device.

DugCandy remote controlled dog collar is great! It's a great training tool for my puppy

John Doe
Amazon Customer                 

This product is great for training your puppy or dog, our dog is bad to chase cars we were afraid she would get hit! We have been able to break her from it using this collar we kept the setting on vibrate and it works great. There were no marks from it digging into her and it never seemed to harm her! Which was a big plus for me!!! The set up was super easy the collar and remote were already paired and ready for use! The collar has a good length so it. Can fit many different size and breeds of dogs!

This product is great for training your puppy or dog

Nancy Lynn Amazon Customer

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