Instructions on how to take care dogs

Instructions on how to take care dogs


1) Breeding puppies .

Everyone who buys a dog should note, only buy puppies from 2 to 2.5 months of age, so the minimum physical guarantee when we take care.

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Puppies from 2 months to 6 months of age are fed 3 meals a day, divided equally throughout the day. Meals need to have a certain amount of time for the dog to fully digest the food (It is not necessary that the person who feeds the dog at that time, it will not be reasonable in time because).

After the meal should be run freely and hygienic for 5, 10 minutes and also to digest the food. Dinner is eaten a little more and the dog owner spends more time releasing the dog.

Dog food includes: rice flour, cornmeal, minced meat or cattle organs (Buffaloes, cows, horses, limiting pork due to indigestion). Food must be cooked and diluted like porridge, do not give dry food is not good. How much is determined by the size of the dog, large or small, is estimated because it is not specific.

The dog's meal usually lasts no more than 5 minutes, if the dog is completely eaten out and still slightly craving, it is necessary to immediately wash the bowl immediately after eating. If the dog finishes eating but still has too much to eat, then take it away and the next meal to reduce the amount accordingly (Some dog owners have a good habit to let the dog eat when he's hungry, so it is harmful dogs with leftovers that are rancid easily will have diarrhea that is very easy to die). At mealtime when the dog's owner was heard, hissing was rumbling because of the smell of food. Maybe a week for dogs to eat a meal fuller than usual and eat an additional egg but must cook then feed gradually until it can be eaten raw okay. It will be great for dog growth and the coat will be very smooth even though we do not groom. After a walk in the evening can give a little milk or water diluted sugar.

After 5 months, it is possible to supplement weekly with some beef and live horses, but they must be very fresh with intensity from a little to a lot later (For big dogs, guarding and professional work). Do not be afraid of dogs having diarrhea when eating raw meat, because of their wild instincts, they still eat raw animals from the forest animals, after being with a domesticated dog to eat other human food.

2) Take care an adult dog

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From 6 months to 1 year old we feed the dog 2 meals a day is enough. At this time, the dog has started to exercise, so the amount of substance required should be increased (The amount does not increase, otherwise the dog will be fat and lazy to exercise, incubate. same harm.) Overseas can sell canned meat for dogs about 1kg to 1.2kg at an affordable price. In Vn Depending on the economy of the owner that provides; Silver music, lungs, hearts and other things in the abattoir if not fresh, they must be cooked because there are many flukes. Remove worms, tapeworms regularly, dogs will grow, and the food will be absorbed completely.

The right diet combined with proper training and running will give you a beautiful dog, intelligent and robust. The development of the dog is most intense up to a year old, every shape, physical depend on this period very much. Many of them have broken their hind legs, failing to reach shape due to inappropriate feeding by owners but sometimes not by breeds.

Reasonable and scientific care will give you a mature and invaluable dog.

Adult dogs after one year of age only need to eat one bite a day, but it still has to be high in quality (Meat is high in vegetables, and sometimes nibbled on a cow bone or thigh bone). Dogs for different purposes, and large and small breeds are different in quantity and quality.

Older dogs lose weight and should only be maintained so that fat dogs will develop many old dog diseases.

The average lifespan of dogs is about 12 to 14 years.




1. Should we bathe the dog?

– Unlike humans, dogs do not have sweat glands on the skin so the level of gas and moisture exchange to exothermic is extremely small. In dry, cold climates, dog baths are very limited, even when dogs are not bathed.

– In contrast to the hot and humid tropical climate in Vietnam, a lot of the constituent elements of dirt sticking to the skin make dogs very uncomfortable: high humidity + dirt easy to spread, sticky hair into lumps. Skin parasite: Mites. gums, scabies, fungus are attacked by the momentum to cause hair loss, JHZinflammation, skin poisoning, desquamation of necrosis, watery foul odors … Bathing is a very necessary measure to care for the skin, fur- SPECIAL show of the long-haired dog breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Shetter, Poodle, Golden, St. Bernard, Phoc Soc, Beijing, Tibetan Dog …

– Short-haired dog breeds: Boxer, Rottweiler, Labrador, dachshund … should also be bathed clean in the hot wet season.

– Dog body temperature is higher than that of people: 38o5 +/- O, 5oC very poor heat resistance. In the summer, you need to bathe your dog to feel comfortable, comfortable, help regulate body temperature, avoid heat strock.

2. When not to bathe the dog?

– The weather is too cold, especially the monsoon in the North, when the outdoor temperature drops below 18oC.

– Puppy is nursing or has just separated.

– Dogs are sick or show signs of being sick.

– The female dog is in heat to prepare for breeding, if the bath will reduce the smell "characteristic attractive male dog" will reduce male excitement when mating.

– Female bitch after mating within 15 days.

– A new born dog.

– Newly acquired dogs.

– New dogs are vaccinated against disease.

– Transport dogs.

3. How bathing dogs like?

– Dog bath water: warm in winter, clean water, not bathing in polluted rivers, lakes.

– Shampoo: can be used exclusively for dogs sold at veterinary drug stores or supermarkets. Or some shampoo for someone who has good moisture and good skin. Shampoo kinds of mites, lice, fungus must cochi of Vet. Dogs with skin diseases, bathing the dog must have BSTY's advice and instructions.

– Bath with leaves, fruit juice: You can use lemon juice squeezed onto dog's fur after bathing with shampoo to loosen hair, avoid clumping and neutralize the alkaline shampoo. After squeezed some lemon on hair, rinse immediately with back to water. kinds of leaves: carambola, grapefruit, green tea, soap – pearl, oval or leaves sour, acrid other (Be sure not toxic) can be used bathing dogs have infections, sores or skin parasites.

– Actions bathing dogs: Do not let water or soap into the ear, eye dog. After bathing need wiping and drying the coat, use a cotton swab sticks deep dry absorbent sine ear protection, especially with mastiffs long as: Cocker Spaniel, Shetter, Poodle, Golden, St. Bernard, Labrador … Not bathing dogs in the supine position.

– Should take a dog when hungry, after going to the toilet.

– For dogs that have just passed, not yet familiar, so gentle and quick shower with warm water. Do not flush the head immediately.

4. How often does a dog bath?

– Depending on the climate season, dog breed, dog age. This is determined by the dog owner.

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